data driven DOOH

How EE helped people to stay connected and stay safe

13 June 24

From virtual concept to augmented reality - This campaign brought to life in stunning fashion the incredible creative concepts which won 1st Prize at Ocean’s Creative Competition in 2022.


Cities after dark can be dangerous places, particularly for women & vulnerable minority groups. Recognising a key societal problem and continuing to take a leadership position in the field of female & LGBT empowerment, EE devised Stay Connected at Night, utilising the power of OOH in harness with the latest technological innovations to guide people home safely as they move around cities at night.


The campaign would deliver clear, practical information and advice to viewers to help them access safe spaces, plan their journey home with live transport data, draw attention to phone charging facilities and brighten up darkened streets with brighter screens.

Running during the 'nightlife' times of 8pm-3am on key days, the campaign used 4 innovative technologies to power the creative executions:

  • Light up – D6s used Ocean’s LookOut facial detection software which detects when a single person approaches and becomes brighter, illuminating a darkened walk home.
  • Augmented Realitya live camera feed has a directional overlay, showing people a street-view with directions to safe spaces overlaid on the screen. Screens detect approaching pedestrians and respond accordingly, sharing location-specific travel options.
  • Live Transport Data Feed – the dynamic content part of the campaign, powered by Liveposter, used real-time transport data to help people get home safely. Each poster location used departing transport information to highlight the next departing buses, trams and trains, with the nearest mode of transport displaying on each poster location.
  • Phone Charging – digital copy drew attention to mobile charging points on OOH Streethubs across the city centre.
Stay Connected at Night