The Qube get involved with Castlehaven Community Association for Project Dirt

On July 26th a group of 13 willing volunteers from Posterscope, PSI and MKTG spent a day ‘Project Dirting’ with Castlehaven Community Association (CCA), an award winning community association in the heart of Camden Town.
The group were tasked with seasonal garden maintenance with a particular focus on the Association’s new Horticulture Hub in the morning whilst the afternoon was spent supporting and playing a football match with people with a range of disabilities.
Gary Wheelan, Client Director at MKTG said, “It was a really well organised day, which meant we could get stuck in from the start and feel like we had properly made a difference by the end. The Castlehaven team were really accommodating and they had plenty of tasks for us all to do – from shovelling rubble to sawing wooden sleepers, we could see the desired end result that we were helping towards.
The afternoon was brilliant, playing football with the disabled football team who train at the facilities on Wednesday afternoons was such a treat – even though they beat us!
It was a very different day to the usual one sat at my desk and I would recommend Project Dirt and in particular Castlehaven, to anyone looking to get involved with a volunteer project through work or independently.”
About Castlehaven Community Association
The Castlehaven Community Association was established in 1985 as a result of a group of local residents concerned about the lack of local facilities for children and older people. Since its inception the charity & company limited by guarantee has always been managed by a voluntary board of local residents. Castlehaven is a small but high profile, vibrant community association that continues to develop and respond to the needs of local residents.


Know No Project Raises Awareness Using OOH

In the wake of far too many recent events involving sexual assault, a group of concerned people noticed a disturbing lack of clarity around the topic of consent. Particularly in cases where victims were intoxicated or unconscious, or in cases where they knew the offender. It’s odd, really. Because if you read the definition spelled out in black and white, it is quite clear. This made Know No wonder if simply shedding light on the topic of consent, could we stop the madness, so we created a simple black-and-white guide to consent.
Video Below
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]7oaIxolB4Dg[/youtube]
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Tramontina Trotter: Test Drive for Good

Test Drive for Good introduced the Tramontana’s new lawn mower and allowed users to test drive it in parks poorly kept and covered by tall grass. This way, those who tried the product would also contribute to the city, making parks prettier and ready for people to enjoy them.
To see the video click here
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Exterion Media teams up with Enabling Enterprise

Exterion Media have been working in partnership with Enabling Enterprise for the past year to host school trips to their offices in Camden. These trips help students develop enterprise skills, such as teamwork, leadership and problem solving, that will be helpful in school and beyond. These trips also give students experiences of the working world, as they are given the opportunity to tour the offices and interview employees.

In September, Exterion Media hosted the first business trip of the school year! Students from Curwen Primary School in Newham came to their offices. After asking employees from Marketing, Operations and Sales about their careers, they took on an enterprising task. They spent the day planning an awards event for Exterion Media and put their enterprise skills into action.

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Exterion Media UK's Community Wins Industry Award

Exterion Media’s online urban community has been awarded the accolade of Insight Panel of The Year at the 2014 Vision Critical EMEA Summit. Vision Critical manages over 700 communities and each year awards a prize for the best performing EMEA community., the only B2B company shortlisted this year, fought off strong competition from brands including Vodafone, Nandos and Adidas to win the award, voted for by 110 industry peers. Finalists were required to demonstrate the success of their community, following an initial written entry. The prize is further recognition for the online panel after it was named Runner Up at the 2013 awards.
The award win follows a successful year for, the insights from which offer Exterion Media insight into the thoughts, mind-sets and behaviours of urban audiences. The panel has seen astounding growth of more than 50% in 2014; membership numbers now stand at 10,634 up from 6,823 at the start of the year; making it the biggest online urban community of its kind in the media industry. In addition, a 50 strong mobile community has been launched.
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'It's Our World' at Waterloo

It’s Our World, the UK’s largest art project celebrating the environment and promoting sustainability, launched with JCDecaux at Waterloo Station. The mass participation arts project gives children and young people in the UK a voice to speak out for positive environmental action.
The experiential campaign featured an art class led by young artist Zoom Rockman and run by City & Guilds Art School where pupils from the local Oasis Academy were invited to illustrate their local landscape in the middle of the station concourse. Providing inspiration for the pupils, footage of the Waterloo skyline was deployed on JCDecaux’s Motion@Waterloo screen.
The aim of the It’s Our World project is to create the largest online gallery of artwork celebrating the environment as seen through the age of its future custodians aged 4-19 years. Mostly driven through schools, participants are invited to create artwork that brings their local landscape or neighbourhood to life.
The closing date for submissions will be May 2015.
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