Outdoor Plus Adds M1 Staples Corner

Outdoor Plus is launching a new site at M1 Staples Corner.
Situated at the heart of the major traffic interchange between the A5, the North Circular and the start of the M1, the screen will attract a fortnightly audience of more than 940,000.
The screen is ideally placed to harness the attention of commuters travelling from London to the affluent home counties of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, and consumers driving in the heavy traffic areas en route to Brent Cross Shopping Centre and Wembley.
via: Outdoor plus

blowUP media to launch a digital screen that can be placed on temporary building wraps.

blowUP media is launching a breakthrough in digital Giant Posters — the first digital screen that can be placed on temporary building wraps. Using the latest technology, the screen is light enough to be placed on scaffoldings or wraps, can be customised to any size and can also be adapted to fit any building or scaffolding structures.
The screen being unveiled is ‘The Stage,’ a 36 sqm digital screen on the Victory House building on the north side of London’s Leicester Square. This is the first time a digital screen has been placed on a building wrap in the UK and demonstrates blowUP media’s commitment to leading edge innovation and providing customized solutions for all of its individual sites.
With 8mm pitch pixellation, this new generation of screens offers advertisers and agencies a far crisper image than has previously been possible.
Katrin Robertson, CEO of the blowUP media group, says:
“We have always pioneered advances in Giant Posters and now we are bringing a new solution to the digital screen sector. The lightweight technology allows us to scale the screen to virtually any size, so the only limitations are the stability and strength of the building structure and, of course, the views of the local authority planners.”The pedestrianised area of Leicester Square is heavily populated day and night and provides a constant stream of office workers, tourists and shoppers, with a weekly pedestrian footfall of 1,941,464 visitors.
Robertson says: “’The Stage’ will be a perfect site for a wide range of advertisers, delivering a diverse set of audiences throughout the day, and brands will be able to use the power of our innovative moving images to reach audiences with greater impact and emotion.”
‘The Stage’ is part of blowUP media’s Super Motion network, which offers some of the UK’s biggest digital screens including prime sites in Cardiff and Birmingham.