Dynamic, digital out-of-home, multiple language campaign targets German travellers for Commerzbank

PSI, Posterscope’s international division, and Vizeum, have deployed a unique digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign in multiple international airports for Commerzbank using the Liveposter Platform.
The campaign, aimed at business travellers, appears at Paris CDG, New York’s JFK and London’s City and Heathrow airports and will run on DOOH screens throughout the airports and departure lounges for the next four weeks.
Activating flight departure data across key international airports, the campaign serves highly personalised messages to German travellers in their native language, outside of their homeland.
The campaign creative is presented in each country’s local language and flight departure data is used to trigger dynamic messaging in the German language, served to the appropriate screens and locations, as flights to Germany prepare to depart.
The DOOH campaign is being supported with an online display advertising campaign feature on the German language version of, also planned and bought by PSI and Vizeum
Margarita Christoforidou, Senior Account Manager, at PSI said: “The flight data now available to us means we can create and deliver even more highly targeted campaigns in airport locations.  This campaign for Commerzbank will not only reach the right people, at the right time, but will also show creative executions in their own language.  What could be more relevant and more engaging?”
Uwe Hellmann,  Head of Brand Management and Corporate Marketing,  at  Commerzbank, added: “We were looking for an exciting and dynamic campaign to promote our corporate client campaign  to travellers heading to Germany from key international locations across the world.  The ability to reach these travellers as they prepare to depart from the airport and speak to them in their own language is highly innovative and we are excited to see the results.”

VisitScotland and United Airlines collaborate on campaign via Posterscope

VisitScotland is promoting United Airlines daily non-stop flight to Edinburgh from Newark with a dynamic campaign designed to reach potential travelers in the right mindset at the right time.
Developed with agency Posterscope USA, the campaign uses Liveposter, Posterscope’s dynamic creative platform, to trigger one of 32 unique and specific creative messages across Penn Station’s Link NYC screens.
For example, morning commute imagery suggests Fridays is a ‘pay day.’ Lunchtime will present images of some of the local cuisine and, when the temperatures dip, the screens automatically serve up a glass of Scotch. Sundown in Manhattan triggers picturesque views of the Highland’s Northern Light’s and Edinburgh castle illuminates.
A separate campaign is designed to drive urgency on the route to the airport via two digital billboards on highways that lead into Newark Airport and display live countdowns to the next flight to Edinburgh on United Airlines.

This project also pivots to real-time messaging and weather/event triggers as opposed to static banners.
“Understanding the mind-set of our audiences in real-time is the cornerstone of our strategic thinking,” said David Gladding, associate director, digital creative, Posterscope USA. “We know that one-third of Americans search for ‘last minute getaways’ within three days before the date of travel, so this campaign digs into that experience-hungry, escapism mind-set and uses data to tell us when and where messages conveying Scotland’s beauty, appeal and romanticism would be most memorable and impactful.”
VisitScotland collaborates with numerous partners and shops to encourage tourists. For instance, VisitScotland worked with 22 airlines in 2015 and 2016, including a new Delta service from JFK to Edinburgh. Social media has been another key focus in order to directly engage with potential tourists.
Followers of VisitScotland’s Facebook account have increased 157% to 661,000 since April 2014. The organizations other social media accounts have grown sharply as well.
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Gordon's Gets Weekend Ready

Gordon’s gets commuters in the mood for the weekend with its fantastically refreshing new dynamic campaign.
As a part of its ‘Shall We?’ campaign, the Diageo-owned gin brand has deployed the campaign on roadside 6’s, rail and Underground D6’s, and bars and pubs across the UK, with the creative changing depending on the time of day, weather and location. For example, in the evening the creative may say “It’s 5pm. Shall we?” and if it’s sunny the message will change to say “Hello Sunshine.”
The campaign is playing in the run up to weekends on Thursdays and Fridays from November 3rd to December 12th. It was planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope using the Liveposter platform.
Standard creative will also be deployed on Motion@Waterloo and several large format digital sites.

Australia Post launches digital OOH campaign using Liveposter technology

In an Australian first, Posterscope Australia has delivered dynamic, geo-targeted digital OOH mapping at scale in a campaign using Posterscope’s proprietary Liveposter technology.
Working in conjunction with Dentsu Aegis Network sister agency Dentsu Mitchell and creative agency, GPY&R, Posterscope rolled out its new capabilities with the Australia Post campaign which allows consumers at around 550 OOH locations across the country to geo-locate their closest parcel locker and retrieve maps and directions.
The Liveposter platform enables digital campaigns to run seamlessly across multiple networks and media owners. It uses a range of available data sources to optimise the communication across the day, week or campaign period and provides full control over the content without the need to individually supply media owners’ systems.
Says Adrian Venditti, group agency director, Posterscope: “With Liveposter, we now have the ability to change messages at scale in real-time which was the perfect technology for us to take to Australia Post to make their message as relevant as possible for each location and literally drive people from screen to store.
“With Digital OOH expected to account for a 50% share of the Australian OOH market by the end of 2017, it’s important we help our clients deliver more effective Digital OOH campaigns as we know that advertising cut through is higher when using dynamic creative. There are no other solutions in market currently that can deliver the same output at scale and we are very excited to see the results this generates for Australia Post.”
Dentsu Mitchell group client service director Michelle O’Brien said proximity targeting was key to the success of this campaign.
Says O’Brien: “Using maps delivered to customers via Liveposter will not only drive awareness of the Australia Post Parcel Lockers but demonstrate the large scale of the Parcel Locker network through serving targeted ads. We know the strength of Digital OOH when it comes to creating visual impact as well as the effect on recall when combined with messaging relevancy. Liveposter was the next logical step as it allowed for us to build impact, relevancy and highlight the scale of the Parcel Locker network.”
Posterscope expects to see more Dentsu Aegis Network clients utilising the Liveposter technology in the near future to fully exploit the opportunities to customise and target campaigns through digital OOH.
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Dynamic, digital out-of-home, multiple language campaign targets flight arrivals for O2

PSI, Posterscope’s international division, has launched a unique digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign for O2 using the Liveposter Platform, to promote the company’s International Sim.
The campaign is targeting travellers from Eastern Europe and Ireland as they arrive at Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester airports and is running on DOOH screens in the baggage reclaim and digital 6-sheet screens in arrival halls throughout October and November.
In what is a media first, the campaign  is using a combination of flight arrival data, dwell time data and baggage reclaim data which triggers dynamic messaging not only to the appropriate individual carousels and screens, but also in the native language of flights as they land from Poland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.
The DOOH campaign is part of a wider advertising campaign, including Social and Display planned and bought by Forward Media, with creative by VCCP.
O2’s International Sim offers UK calls to international mobiles and landlines in over 200 countries with no connection charges or hidden fees and comes complete with O2 minutes, O2 texts and data.
Miriam Buireu, Account Director, at PSI said: “The baggage reclaim data now available to us means we can create and deliver even more highly targeted campaigns in airport locations.  This campaign for O2 will not only reach the right people, at the right time, but will also show creative executions in their own language.  What could be more relevant and more engaging?”
Jenni Gabbarelli, OOH Director, Havas Media Group added: “O2 was looking for an exciting and dynamic campaign to promote its International Sim to visitors from Eastern Europe and Ireland.  The ability to reach these travellers as they arrive at the airport and speak to them in their own language as they wait at the carousels in highly innovative and we are excited to see the results.”

HEX shows the time advantage to passengers

To demonstrate the time advantage gained by taking the Heathrow Express (HEX) to Heathrow Airport compared to other forms of transport such as tube and car, HEX executed a dynamic OOH campaign that showed the length of time taken from any given location.
The aim was to remind existing customers of the efficiency and ease of travelling by HEX whilst also attracting new customers to the network who may not have considered or been aware of the time benefit, whether for their current journey to Heathrow or subsequent journeys.
Using TfL API data and Google travel data the campaign demonstrated the time it would take to travel from each specific location to Heathrow Airport at that particular moment by different modes of transport.  HEX data was also integrated to ensure that accurate information, including any disruptions, was factored into the CMS platform.
The campaign, created by Posterscope, Carat and Liveposter, is appearing on ECN screens, Rail D6s and Euston and Liverpool Street Motion and Rail Transvision screens until the end of October.

Posterscope Strengthens its Global Real Time Capabilities with the Acquisition of Liveposter

3 May 2016, London: Posterscope has announced today that it has fully acquired Liveposter, an Out-of-Home platform that will enable Posterscope to deliver dynamic content to screens around the world.
In the UK for example, digital OOH billing is forecasted to grow to 54% of the total OOH market by 2019.  There is a real opportunity for advertisers to deliver more dynamic content in their campaigns as research clearly demonstrates that more relevant, flexible and adaptive content yields significant increases in awareness, engagement and purchase intent.
The Liveposter platform enables digital campaigns to run seamlessly across multiple networks and media owners.  It uses a wide variety of data feeds to optimize the communication across the day, week or campaign period and provides full control over the content without the need to access the individual media owner systems.
This acquisition reflects Posterscope’s commitment to be at the forefront of the digital opportunities in Out-of-Home advertising, including the innovative use of data, automation, real time planning & trading platforms, content creation and global distribution.
Annie Rickard, Global President of Posterscope said:
“The Liveposter acquisition will be transformational in many markets and will ensure that we will be able to maximize the benefits of digital out-of-home for advertisers.”
Stephen Whyte, UK chief executive of Posterscope said:
“The ability to deliver dynamic content in real time, driven by highly relevant data and optimised to audience type and audience mindset represents an enormous leap in the power of the Out-of-Home medium.  I am certain that it will attract new advertisers to the medium, particularly those that need highly flexible and agile brand communication.”
Dan Douglas, Founder of Liveposter said:
“This is a very exciting opportunity for Liveposter and Posterscope.  We have partnered in the UK for some time now and we both see the future growth potential of working even more closely.  We very much look forward to launching the Liveposter platform and delivering award-winning work across Posterscope’s international markets.”

Microsoft promotes Cortana with the most ambitious dynamic OOH ad campaign ever

Microsoft’s voice-activated personal assistant Cortana has been showcased across the UK in an ad campaign which reacts in real time to surroundings.
Dentsu Aegis Network, LivePoster and m:united (McCann Worldgroup’s Microsoft team) have made the most of data sources and out-of-home (OOH) tech to tailor contextual, real time ads throughout the UK.
The executions, boasting the versatility of the digital assistant, are capable of delivering thousands of engaging, geo-specific ads to consumers.
Paul Davies, marketing director at Microsoft, said: “Just like Cortana, this campaign is personal, flexible, and hyper relevant to the context against which the ads are served, using location, date and time data.
“We have used digital technology as a creative canvas to showcase how Cortana helps people manage everyday life seamlessly and in a powerful way.”
“With nearly 10,000 variants, we believe we have created the UK’s first truly bespoke outdoor campaign that adapts to its current environment with a dynamic complexity never seen before.”
Kaye Dolan, associate client director at Dentsu Aegis Network, added: “With this ambitious and complex campaign we are redefining the rules and capabilities of the digital outdoor medium.
“The deployment of a truly collaborative approach to media strategies has enabled us to unlock the full advantages of digital OOH, while giving us the opportunity to create a genuine and meaningful connection between the Microsoft brand and its target audience.”
Drawing from a combination of weather, travel, location, business and cultural events data, all utilised by Microsoft’s Cortana, the LivePoster executions run 241 unique content poster, with a total of 9,640 variations.
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British Gas Hive launches real-time DOOH campaign in Manchester

British Gas’ Hive Active Heating is running a digital out-of-home campaign in Manchester following its successful launch campaign in London last October.  The campaign’s aim is to highlight Hive Active Heating to commuters and travellers heading home to a cold house during the long British winter, reminding them that with Hive they can control their heating and hot water from their phone.
This latest fully-automated, data-driven campaign which features roadside/pedestrian formats and sites within the rail and airport environments, updates every 10 minutes  at each location based on a pre-designed rule set, to ensure each execution is contextually relevant.    The roadside/pedestrian formats, for example, features different creative  copy triggered by 24 local weather conditions (by post code), whilst the airport and rail sites use live flight arrival data at baggage carousels along with local temperature and flight origin temperature, and live train departure data.
Vanessa Lenahan, business director at Posterscope commented “it is always exciting to work with brands like Hive who constantly look to innovate within the OOH medium’