JCDecaux launches a powerful new digital channel at London Bridge

JCDecaux has extended its digital offering in London with the launch of Motion@LondonBridge – seven state-of-the-art full motion digital landscape screens at London Bridge station.
Bringing a new opportunity for brands to target affluent audiences as they shop, eat and socialise, Motion@LondonBridge screens have been carefully positioned to target the retail offering on both sides of the gateline and will deliver 14 million weekly viewed digital impressions at this newly redeveloped travel hub in the heart of London.
Motion@LondonBridge is an expansion of the Motion@Portfolio, which currently comprises Motion@Waterloo, Motion@Euston and Motion@TheCity.
As a new premium shopping environment, London Bridge station offers over 70 outlets, more than any other Network Rail station, including luxury brands such as Ted Baker, MAC and Rituals.
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JCDecaux expands its Towers Channel by launching the Inbound Great West Road Tower

The Inbound Great West Road Tower has launched, becoming the latest addition to The Towers channel.
Together with the outbound Tower that went live in December, The Great West Road Towers are located on a key arterial route and reach a highly desirable West London audience, delivering 2.6 million weekly viewed digital impressions (Route).
Positioned along the A4, the Great West Road Towers are unmissable across six lanes of traffic to drivers travelling both in and out of central London.
This part of London is the location of choice for companies such as Allianz, GlaxoSmithKline and Sky. It is also set for major development, with plans underway to build 900 new waterside homes and 16,250 sq m of commercial retail space (
The London and national portfolio together create a compelling Towers channel that delivers 46 million weekly viewed digital impressions (Route) across Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield.
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JCDecaux extends its digital offering in the finance capital of the UK

With an average salary of £60,000 per annum[1] and showcasing luxury retailers such as Tiffany & Co and Hermes, the City draws a huge £1 billion annual retail spend[2]. As such, it is a prime location for targeting consumers with significant disposable income. Sitting in the heart of this network, the Motion@TheCity channel gives brands the opportunity to reach this affluent audience.
Motion@TheCity sees the installation of five huge new state-of-the-art full motion digital landscape screens in the City of London at London Blackfriars, London Cannon Street, London City Thameslink and London Fenchurch Street. The five new screens are in addition to the four existing screens at Liverpool Street Station and will deliver a total of 16 million weekly viewed digital impressions each fortnight[3]. This new channel is an expansion of the Motion@Portfolio, which currently comprises Motion@Waterloo and Motion@Euston.
JCDecaux has also extended its London Digital Network (LDN) with the installation of six double-sided screens on TfL bus shelters in the City of London. This is the first time digital advertising screens have been installed in this area, making it a media first. The 84-inch digital screens are on key locations including Bishopsgate and Aldgate High Street. The launches are part of the company’s target to reach #onebillioneyeballs.
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JCDecaux launches the Hull Digital Network

JCDecaux has expanded its small format digital network nationally to Hull, launching 10 new double-sided state of the art D6s in the city centre. As the market leader in digital street furniture, JCDecaux’s Edinburgh and London portfolio delivers 55% of the weekly viewed impressions in this environment (Route 25). The company is now extending this presence into a third city, with the launch of 10 new double sided free-standing digital 6-sheets in Hull.
Hull was awarded the UK City of Culture 2017, an award given every four years to a city demonstrating the belief in the transformational power of culture, and in its inaugural year Hull has hosted over 450 events, exhibitions and cultural activities.  This has attracted over 1.4 million visitors to the city and provided a £1bn boost to Hull’s tourism economy (
With a mix of retail including House of Fraser and Debenhams, Hull is a top 40 UK city with an annual retail spend of £428m (CACI). The new digital assets provide advertisers with an unmissable opportunity to engage with audiences as they move around the city.
In Q1 2018, JCDecaux will further expand its digital street furniture portfolio into the City of Bristol.
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Passengers test perfume from billboards while waiting for the tram

Luxury lifestyle brand Rituals gave public transport users and shoppers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague the opportunity to experience two of its oriental eau de parfums, Bleu Byzantin and Fleurs de l’Himalaya, when OOH sites were cleverly converted into branded dispenser units.
The campaign, a collaboration between Rituals, Vizeum, Posterscope Netherlands and JCDecaux, was on display until November 21 in Amsterdam (Rokin, Beethovenstraat and Leidsestraat), Rotterdam (Lijnbaan) and The Hague (Grote Marktstraat).

Public are challenged to push a button located high up for a bar of chocolate

JCDecaux teamed up with Pergale Chocolate, McCann Vilnius and Initiative Open Agency to bring some fun to the streets of Vilnius. The goal was very simple: push the button and get a bar of Pergale chocolate. The catch? The button was located REALLY high!
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Y6XX9SwiXbI[/youtube]
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JCDecaux expands its Towers Channel with 4 new DOOH screens

The Towers Channel expansion sees 2 new additions to the London Towers with The West Cross Tower (outbound) and the Putney Tower going live. Located on key arterial routes, the Towers capture an affluent West London audience and are unmissable to those traveling in and out of the city.
JCDecaux’s unbeatable presence in major UK cities is further confirmed with the addition of The Sheffield Towers, which complete the National Towers Channel.
The latest additions add a combined 1.8 million weekly viewed impressions.
The Towers Channel now consists of 41 digital screens generating 43m weekly viewed impressions.
(Source: Route v24)
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JCDecaux introduces brand charter to audit digital out of home ads

Outdoor advertising specialist JCDecaux has launched a unilateral digital out of home (DOOH) standard, for which it is thus far the sole signatory, in the expectation that other players in the sector will follow suit.
BranDO will be verified and audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and dovetails with its own automated digital trading platform, as the group seeks to marry its estimated 48% DOOH market share in the UK with its partners.
Spencer Berwin, co-chief executive officer at JCDecaux UK, said: “We must maintain advertisers’ trust and create working practices that ensure a brand safe environment. We are committed to growing the medium through a new automated platform by putting the advertiser at the heart of what we do.”
Consisting of a set of guidelines governing issues such as viewability, measurement, accountability, transparency and brand safety, the standard will become a de facto blueprint for the brand going forward.
This will operate in concert with a new trading platform which marries an integrated content management system with geo-location management, all of which will be compatible with existing partners and emerging platforms.
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JCDecaux announces expansion of its London Digital Network

JCDecaux, the market leader in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), has announced the expansion of its London Digital Network by launching the brand new Shoreditch Channel.
The channel will consist of 51 digital screens located in key locations including Old Street and Shoreditch High Street, JCDecaux will install new state-of-the art screens across this dynamic area , further strengthening its digital presence across London.
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Corona’s dynamic DOOH campaign that reflects the city's sunset

To interrupt Londoners’ often monotonous weekday journeys on the Underground, Corona has set out to inspire and enable people to experience more sunsets in the city – launching a dynamic DOOH campaign that counts down to the sunset on summer evenings with the optimum conditions.
The dynamic creative – running on JCDecaux’s LDN and Rail D6 network – changes depending on the time of day and forecast to reflect the sunset across the city, inviting people come aboveground to enjoy the sunset that day.
The Out-of-Home element supports the wider ‘Aboveground’ campaign initiative from Corona, which will see the beer brand host aspirational events across some of the best rooftops and vistas in London, including The Shard  – to enjoy live music and amazing sunsets, with a Corona in hand.
The campaign was planned and booked through Vizeum, Posterscope and Liveposter.

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