Ocean Invites Manchester to Follow #thehumansensor

Ocean will curate user generated content created during the Human Sensor live performances.

Live content featuring artist Kasia Molga’s highly anticipated choreographed performance, Human Sensor, in which performers are dressed in wearable technology to detect air pollution levels, will be broadcast across Ocean screens in Manchester city centre this weekend.
In a partnership with Manchester, European City of Science and Invisible Dust, producers of Human Sensor, Ocean will curate user generated content created during a series of live performances in the City which will reflect how the population is affected by air quality.
During the shows, performers will model hi-tech clothing which is designed to reveal the presence of invisible pollutants to audiences during walks around various Manchester locations. Each walk culminates in a choreographed performance in Sadler’s Yard, NOMA.
The performances mark the culmination of several months of research by the artist, scientist Professor Frank Kelly and partners, and could lead the way in clothing design amongst urban populations around the world.
Ocean features #thehumansensor across The Loop city centre network of wifi enabled screens from July 18th, curating social media walls ahead of the performances on The Printworks and The Screen @Arndale screens from July 23 to July 29.
Social media content will be managed by Ocean’s mobile partner,, who will moderate online conversations via Twitter and videos and images uploaded to Pinterest, Instagram and other channels as they appear across out of home screens.
Ocean head of screen investment Kevin Henry said: “Through its eye-catching visual performance, The Human Sensor lends itself to curated user generated content from the audience. This will be harnessed by our wifi enabled screens to create a collage of photographs and video which reflect the power of the project both within Manchester and to a wider audience outside of the city.
‘Human Sensor’ is commissioned and produced by Invisible Dust in partnership with Manchester, European City of Science. It is supported by The Wellcome Trust’s Sustaining Excellence Award and Arts Council England.
Alice Sharp, director and curator said:  “Invisible Dust are delighted to work with Ocean and Wayin on this exciting opportunity that will drastically increase the reach, engagement and impact of Human Sensor.  When I founded the organisation I named it ‘Invisible Dust’ and our mission is to make the invisible visible.  We have been raising awareness about dangerously high levels of air pollution for nearly 10 years. I’m very happy the message is finally hitting home and that the world is beginning to wake up to this environmental challenge.”
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Jazz Amsterdam Hotel "Built By Music"

The Jaz Amsterdam hotel is all about music. After all, it’s right next to Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam’s biggest concert venue. We wanted to let everyone know and turn its opening into a show. Good thing the crowd was there, waiting for Adele to play.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]bTDfWW_FC1w[/youtube]
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Ocean and British Fashion Council Turn London Fashion Week into National Celebration

For the first time in its history, London Fashion Week (LFW) will be screened to more than 35 million people across the country in a new collaboration between the British Fashion Council and Ocean Group.
In a UK media first, exclusive footage from the shows of top designers including Temperley, Ashish and Osman will be screened across 60 Ocean and Signature Outdoor digital out of home sites in Birmingham, Bristol,  Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds,  Liverpool, Manchester and  Newcastle and on four locations in London including Canary Wharf, Holland Park Roundabout, Two Towers West and Westfield London.
The campaign breaks with a LFW countdown on February 15 and runs until February 23. It was planned by the British Fashion Council, BBH and Ocean.
Content will include live streams from six catwalk shows, reaching 14 million during the course of LFW.
Caroline Rush CBE, CEO, British Fashion Council said: “Collaborating with Ocean means we are able to bring London Fashion Week to more people than ever before. With more conversations taking place around involving the consumer in fashion weeks this is the perfect opportunity to open up parts of LFW to the public not just in London but across the country.”
Ocean CEO Tim Bleakley said: “Our partnership with the British Fashion Council builds on previous innovations which allowed us to present the UK’s first shoppable billboard in association with Twitter and Top Shop and broadcast the AW15 Hunter Original London Fashion Week show across The Grid. This new venture amplifies the attention afforded by London Fashion Week, allowing designers and brands to reach significantly wider audiences across the Ocean portfolio.”
Opening on February 19, London Fashion Week  AW16 returns to showcase 83 designers on a schedule that boasts some of the world’s most influential creative talent.
Alongside live streams, special preview content across Ocean screens will celebrate the talent and variety of designers showing on schedule, followed by daily round ups of all the show events and highlights during the week itself.
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OOH Countdown For All New X Files

X Files is back! And they are using a live countdown from Friday 5th Feb to build anticipation and excitement around Mondays highly anticipated revival of the classic sci-fi drama.
The TV series, which ran from 1993-2002, brings back original cast members Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as Mulder and Scully, as well as some new faces.
The campaign will be running across a number of environments nationally, prompting the nation to tune into the launch of the new series on Monday night.
The digital OOH campaign will be live until 8pm on Monday across Rail, Underground, Mall and Roadside formats.
The first episode is set to air on Monday 9th February at 9pm on Channel 5. Let the countdown begin!

Cannes' Largest Digital Screen

Brands such as Samsung, McDonalds, the Weather Channel, CNN, Getty and YouTube have booked space on the largest digital screen in Cannes during next week’s Lions Festival.

The space is double the size of a super 96-sheet and is situated on top of the Grand Hotel. It will be made available for all major festivals in the future, including the annual film festival in the city.
Clear Channel Outdoor has partnered with Curb Media, advertisers and agencies to use the audio enabled screen to celebrate the best outdoor creativity.
Content will be managed by Enigma, while live broadcasts will also be available through the screen.
In addition to this, a giant mobile interactive football game, called Le Grand Kick, is also available to be played by all Cannes attendees on the huge digital screen.
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