Outsmart reveal 30% increase in DOOH revenue growth in Q2

Outsmart has announced that digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising revenue reported for the quarter April to June 2017 is £127 million – a significant 30% increase on Q2 2016. Digital now accounts for 46% of all Out of Home advertising revenue, an increase of 10 percentage points on Q2 2016.
The conversion of premium classic OOH sites into digital, coupled with advertiser adoption of the flexible, dynamic and creative opportunities offered by digital formats, is driving significant growth in digital OOH.
Total OOH revenue for the quarter is £278 million. This is up 1.7% year on year.
On a half-yearly basis, the market is up 0.6% on H1 2016 as a result of the growth in Q2 this year. The growth also indicates that the OOH industry is in a strong position as it embraces the opportunities offered by technology.
Justin Cochrane, Chair of Outsmart, explained:
“The OOH industry is rebalancing as the digital transformation continues, but classic OOH will continue to have a vital role for advertisers with its scale, reach and frequency.”
Mark Maitland, Strategy Partner at PwC Media, commented:
“This quarter Digital Out of Home accounts for the highest proportion of revenue the sector has seen. We are looking forward to seeing the further developments in the use of technology for both display and buying that will push this number closer to the 50% mark.”
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Digital Out of Home grows 28% in Q1 2017

Outsmart, the trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry – advertising that reaches consumers while away from their homes, has announced that Digital Out of Home revenue reported for the quarter January to March 2017 is £107 million, up by a significant 28% on Q1 2016. Digital now accounts for 42% of all Out of Home revenue, an increase of 9.4 percentage points on Q1 2016.
Total Out of Home revenue for the quarter is £252million. This is broadly flat year on year, but revenues in the last 12 months (to the end of March) are up 3% on the prior 12 months.
Justin Cochrane, Chair of Outsmart, comments that “the transformation of the Out of Home medium continues with further investment in digital. State-of-the-art inventory and technology continue to enable advertisers to benefit from the flexibility and dynamism of digital Out of Home, as well as complement or amplify classic Out of Home campaigns.”
2017 marks the appointment of PwC, who will now undertake the revenue reporting for the Out of Home industry, on behalf of Outsmart. PwC has considerable experience in the Out of Home sector having worked with a number of the leading companies in the sector.
Justin Cochrane added “PwC will bring greater insight into Out of Home’s positioning within the wider media mix.”
Mark Maitland, PwC Media Strategy Partner, comments “We are delighted to be working more closely with the Out of Home industry alongside Outsmart, and are excited by the new investments being made in Digital inventory and the long-term prospects for the sector overall.”
Download a breakdown of all previous OOH revenue figures here.
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Out of Home revenue reaches £1.1 billion in 2016

Outsmart, the trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry, has announced that the total revenue reported across all Out of Home advertising for 2016 is £1.1 billion. The quarter September to December generated £316 million, up by 2% year on year and the highest quarterly total ever recorded.
2016 proved to be a year of substantial growth for the Out of Home medium, with total revenue up by 4.6% year on year.
Digital revenues amounted to £418 million for the year, up by a significant 26% on 2015, with digital accounting for 38% of all Out of Home revenue, an increase of 6 percentage points on last year.
Justin Cochrane, Chair of Outsmart, comments that “2016 marked a year of strong growth for Out of Home, which will undoubtedly carry on in 2017 as the industry continues to invest in digital while building on the strong foundations of classic Out of Home.”
Visit the Outsmart website to download a breakdown of all previous revenues for the OOH industry.
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Strong Q4 helps outdoor post record 2014 revenue of £1bn

Outdoor reported its strongest-ever performance in the final three months of 2014, helping the sector achieve a record £1 billion in revenue for the full year
Figures from the Outdoor Media Centre show outdoor adspend rose 6.1 per cent to £300 million in the quarter. Among the biggest spenders were Asda, Sky, Sony Mobile, TSB and Warner Bros.
Google was another brand to invest heavily in outdoor during the period, using the medium to amplify campaigns for search, YouTube and Android.
The performance contributed to the sector growing 3 per cent year on year in 2014 to reach £1 billion for the first time.
The industry has fared well over the past few years, exceeding its goal of becoming a “10 per cent medium” (its aim to capture a tenth of all display advertising revenue) while continuing to innovate with new partnerships, technology and content.
The OMC credits the increasing number of digital sites now available through many media owners’ portfolios for much of the growth momentum. Digital out-of-home now accounts for more than 28 per cent of the medium’s total revenue.
Mark Craze, the chairman of the OMC, said: “These are great results for the sector. The market is benefiting from the investment in digital but also the rampant inflation levels in TV. The growth in retail is clearly a result of press advertising losing share, which is moving on to digital screens.”
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OOH Q1 2014 Revenue Figures Released

DIGITAL UP 10% TO £47.4M

The Outdoor Media Centre (OMC), the trade body for outdoor media owners, today announces total revenues for January to March 2014.
For the quarter, the headline total reported across all outdoor is £206.8m, which represents a decline of 2.2% year on year. Digital revenues amounted to £47.4m, up 10% year on year to record its biggest ever Quarter One. Digital accounted for 23% of the total.
Mike Baker, CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre comments:
“It’s been a mixed quarter, with two environments up and one down. Revenues in the transport and retail/leisure sectors both moved ahead, but this was offset by a decline in the roadside market. Even within roadside, however, the small format 6 sheet component was up substantially. We have now seen growth in eight out of the last ten quarters, so the momentum is with outdoor as more advertisers find a need for strong creative imagery strategically placed in the active space where 88% of shopping still takes place.”
Categories which spent significantly more in the quarter on outdoor than last year include drink, clothing, computers, food, electronics, finance, and government. The top 10 advertisers in the quarter according to Nielsen were  British Sky Broadcasting, ITV, Lloyds Bank, Twentieth Century Fox, Department Of Health, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Vodafone, McDonald’s, EE, and Unilever.
The importance of outdoor was underscored by the WARC Expenditure forecast published today, which reported that, of the major media, only internet, TV and outdoor showed growth in 2013.
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