São Paulo uses street artists to communicate important initiative to help the homeless

São Paulo has a significant number of homeless people on the streets. Despite numerous public shelters, many have empty beds every night. One of the reasons: the homeless do not want to abandon their dogs, which are not usually accepted in shelters. Now, the new units accept and guarantee space for the pets, but unable to communicate this to people who did not own phones, TVs or were not active on social media, the beds remained empty, while hundreds of people continue to sleep on the sidewalks.
To communicate this change to the homeless, São Paulo City Hall decided to create a new communication channel, with a direct impact. 5 different street artists, transformed the roof of viaducts, and underpasses, where the homeless people are usually found – especially at night before going to sleep –, in a direct and effective media, with the main goal getting those in vulnerable situations to have the opportunity to sleep with comfort, safety and dignity, without compromising their pets.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]fgeIYUybWMY[/youtube]
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Uber delivers puppies to offices to help shelter dogs

This is a great mix of experiential and CSR…
If you are a dog lover living in Canada, you will be thrilled to know that organization 3 Million Dogs has partnered up with Uber and dog shelters across the country to deliver puppies to offices for “puppy play dates” on Thursday, 30 April 2015 between 11am and 3pm in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton
All you have to do to receive puppies at your office is to request for them on the Uber app. The play date would cost you CA$30 and all proceeds would go to helping shelter dogs—if you are new to Uber, you can download the app and receive a CA$20 discount on either your first ride or your puppy play date.
When the puppies arrive, you would have 15 minutes to play with them—if any one of them caught your heart, you can also speak to the shelter representative on how to adopt them.
While all the dogs participating in this campaign are referred to as “puppies”, the organizors want you to know that “shelter dogs come in all ages and breeds, and dogs young and old will be visiting offices to raise awareness”.
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