PML Group loves brands. And they think brands should love Digital OOH!

To showcase the range of environments and the creative opportunities presented via DOOH, PML Group ran a bespoke campaign in the run-up to Valentine’s Day across multiple media owners and formats – promoting their love of the medium and how the agency’s Dynamic platform can harness DOOH to deliver optimised, contextualised content for brands across multiple media owner networks and environments. Event based marketing in the real world is big part of what they do. No matter what the occasion or time, Dynamic Digital OOH can adapt to meet a brand’s needs.

Created by PML Group’s in-house Design+ team, taglines were contextual to the setting in which they appeared which spanned malls, forecourts, airport, rail and bus stations, colleges, gyms, car parks, bars and supermarkets. Roadside Digipanels and Digipole include location shout-outs down to street level facilitated by its Dynamic CMS platform.