Village phone box turned into office in 'Better Call Saul' stunt

A village, with a population of just 700, was the surprise chosen location for a stunt to promote AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul‘.
Saul in Gloucestershire briefly became the home to Saul Goodman’s ‘new’ office. The phone box office of the fictional attorney, first seen in Breaking Bad, tells the back story of the show’s main character, with chairs depicting a waiting room and a sign detailing how passersby can receive “legal advice.”
A phone number was also found at the installation – 0800 345 7285. When called, this is the message you hear.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]SJVgT0Gw-dM[/youtube]
The stunt was timed to coincide with and promote Better Call Saul’s UK network debut on AMC, exclusive to BT customers.
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Harry Potter star Emma Watson leaves books on London Underground

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has dashed around the London Underground to hide books for passengers.

The actor dropped off copies of Maya Angelou’s Mom & Me & Mom, the November pick for her online book club Our Shared Self.
The star left the novels as part of the Books On The Underground movement, which sees “book fairies” leave their favourite reads for people to enjoy.
Watson left about 100 books with some including a hand-written note.
In it, she wrote that she hoped the reader would enjoy the book, and urged them to leave it on the Tube afterwards for others to find.

“Too Fabulous” 

One Twitter user, @safaf_96, said she felt like Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she found a book while @siannusmaximus wrote: “The book fairies get a book wizard. Too fabulous for words.”
Cordelia Oxley, director of Books on the Underground, said: “We were delighted to have Emma Watson share the latest Our Shared Shelf book club choice, and she even wrote a lovely note to go inside the books. It was Emma’s idea to be a Book Fairy for the day!
“The reaction has been phenomenal. It must be a mixture of how much everyone adores Emma, and how exciting it is to find something as wonderful as a new book on your journey.”
Watson, who was appointed UN women goodwill ambassador in July 2014, started her book club earlier this year.
Books on the Underground started in 2012 and leave about 150 books in stations across London each week.
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John West Help People Imagine a World Without Fish

Sometimes we don’t realise what we’ve got until it’s gone. To educate people and help fight unsustainable fishing, John West, WWF and the Marine Stewardship Council launched a fake tuna brand. The catch? There was nothing in the cans.

The project generated hundreds of articles, mainstream news coverage and a huge response via social media. Importantly, Greenpeace Australia acknowledged the bold move by John West and now hope other companies become certified sustainable to ensure we have healthy oceans forever.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]gCnNH1zXag4[/youtube]
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Posterscope Taiwan Boost Glenfiddich Brand Awareness with " Bar 1963 New York"

In 1963, Sandy Grant Gordon, great grandson of William, is so proud of Glenfiddich single malt that he makes it the first to be actively promoted outside Scotland enabling consumers around the world used to drinking blended whisky to be initiated to the delights of single malt. Until then a well-kept secret of the Scots.  However, Glenfiddich was a late entrant in the Taiwan whisky market.
This campaign for Glenfiddich managed to boost consumer awareness and appeal despite facing competition from many other brands with a Scottish history.
According to proprietary consumer survey, OCS, Glenfiddich’s value proposition – Pioneering Spirit – appeals to men over 25 in Taiwan who value innovation, freedom and adventure. To reach these people, Posterscope Taiwan launched the “Glenfiddich Bar 1963 New York” campaign in Taipei’s busiest Xinyi District, promoting Glenfiddich’s brand glory and history through the use of digital technology and art installations.
To increase numbers to the bar, Posterscope  adopted location-based advertising, which pushed messages to people in an area 3 km around the bar. In addition old-fashioned paperboys distributed flyers in the style of 1963 on the main streets and including Vieshow Cinemas and MRT stations.
Upon entering the bar, “Case of Dream” it took people back to the ‘old days’. With Kinect motion sensor creating sketches of gentlemen on the screen, they feel as if they are the brand representatives, wandering New York streets. Social media and interactive devices were both pivatol to the campaign, and when people visited the bar, they were amused by the 3D installation art hashtag wall, and had the opportunity to win a trip to NYC by using the campaign hashtag. Furthermore, if they check in on Facebook, a free taste is offered.
Within 18 days, over 18,000 participants visited Bar 1963 New York while 7,000 visitors got a free taste. TV news, print media and Facebook posts created massive earned media exposure, generating more than NT$3000,000 in media value.
Through the innovative consumer-experience campaign, we successfully reintroduced Glenfiddich’s Pioneering Spirit to Taiwan and encouraged people fall in love with the brand.